Anything Goes

This project begins immediately. Each Thursday I will supply a list of requirements that are to be incorporated into your “Anything Goes” site. It is essentially the equivalant of homework in this course.

The end result will be an interactive website.


4 content-filled pages linking to one another, a semi-cohesive design system, and a CSS external style sheet. No sliced tables.

Due Monday, June 7th
You will be required to submit the following: (Due beginning of class)
1. 2 pages that link to one another.
2. Uploaded to the world-wide web.
(This means you need to have your account/hosting/server info working.)
Page 1
3. Mockup of Homepage (Can be a simple .jpg)
Page 2
4. Labeled Div ID Tags that display what your content will be. Feel free to put in content if you want, however it is not required at this point. Don’t worry about positioning at this point.
5. Change Background color and typeface in one or more of your DIV tags.
6. Create a class rule on elements of typography
7. Create a Tag rule


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